How can we help your home?

Sherlock Computer Services offers a wide variety of IT services, including one-on-one support. Sherlock Computer Services provides computer and network support in Aurora, Naperville, St. Charles, Warrenville, and Wheaton. We specialize in the following areas of IT support:

WiFi and Internet Support

Slow internet? Dropped WiFi? We can find and provide solutions for any network issues that you may have.

Maintenance, Repairs, And More

Our support specialists will make sure your PC, laptop, and network stay up-to-date, secured, and perform optimally.

Program Support and Upgrades

Sometimes a simple program upgrade can sufficiently increase your computer speed. We can analyze any bottlenecks your system may have and provide the best solution.

Looking for a new computer? Want to learn a new program? We are here to help.

At Sherlock Computer Services, we strive to bring you professional, reliable, and affordable IT services to your residence.

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Get your PC, laptop, and network running smoothly.

No more slow boot times, slow programs, slow internet, or slow WiFi. We will take a look at your system and network, pinpoint the bottlenecks, and alleviate the issues.

Not sure what types of IT services you might need? No problem! Give us some details of your PC or laptop, some issues you are be experiencing, what you might be looking for, or even your goals you want to achieve, and our tech team will give you recommendations specifically suited to you and your residence. Simply fill out the form below!

Servicing the Chicago area since 2006.

Sherlock Computer Services focuses on a great customer service experience, providing fast, reliable, and cost effective computer and network support for your home or small-to-mid-size business.

Specializing in both hardware and software repair, upgrades and installation on all brands of computers and laptops, Sherlock Computer Services offers their professional expertise, allowing you to focus on more important things.